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The Challenge of Creative Work

I find myself in an interesting position. In addition to working on the expansion of Jesus’ Outsider Ministries known as Phase Two, I am back on the market as a freelance writer, voice artist, and media producer much earlier than planned. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything of this sort that isn’t related to ministry. This is only a part of what creates a challenge.

Working in creative mediums is very personal. A little bit of me is in every word I write, every syllable I speak, and every project I produce. I used to produce commercial scripts, marketing materials, and other sales tools with some ease. I could do that again but I’m finding the idea difficult. I am not the person I was when that was my focus. Although I know full well that those things are needed and great tools, I can’t bring myself to consider them important. It’s not even that I consider myself above all of it but rather that it’s just not who I am anymore. Those type of materials just don’t flow from my fingers as easily as they once did.

I love to write. I have mountains of unpublished writing projects that I did just for the fun of it. Short stories, articles, scripts, and even a few song lyrics fill sections of my hard drive. That’s not even counting the notes for books, ideas for more stories, and all the miscellaneous scraps that I’ve played with over the years. Each of them, whether a serious piece or something frivolous, reflects something of who I was when they were written. I feel the same way about voice work and media production.

As the ministry has grown, most of my efforts of the last few years have been totally focus on the podcast, occasional blog post, and teaching at events or with KMMG (Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group). Because of that, I’m finding it difficult to make the switch to secular media production. I’m not convinced that I really need to do that to make a living.

In the position I held in a small, family run cellphone dealer, I was responsible for all of the media content on Facebook, Twitter, and on the website with its connected blog. The blog was easy to write. Most of it was reviews of apps or explanations of changes that were coming from the carrier, and other generic content. It was the advertising that I had a hard time creating anything effective. I’ve never stared at a blinking cursor so long in my life. Well, maybe that one time that my keyboard went out and I just looked at the screen in total frustration since it wasn’t even wireless.

Because I find the so personal, I find putting myself fully on the market to be a little daunting. My faith in Jesus and my work for Him have become the defining points of my life. How I approach everything including my marriage to The Lovely Bride, parenting my kids, and work is completely engulfed by His Word and presence. I can’t bring myself out of that place. Everything I produce is influenced by Him and my desire to bring Him glory through the gifts, talents, and skills I have been given.

Can God be glorified through doing the type of media I used to make? Certainly it can. That isn’t the question. There are men and women all over the world with strong faith in Jesus doing it every day. The question I have is can I do it? Have I changed so much that I can’t enter that world again?

That is the challenge. This isn’t like working in most fields, at least not for me. My creativity is an extension of who I truly am and that is a dedicated minister of the Word of God. That is the world for which I must create.

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