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A Double Celebration

This Easter is a huge double win for me thanks to a happy accident of the calendar. I get to celebrate the resurrection of my Lord and the day He redeemed me from the pit of hell and brought me into His Kingdom. Easter Sunday, April 5th, marks twenty-three years to the day that Jesus took charge of my life. Easter hasn’t been this personal in a long time.

Sunday, we will remember Jesus’ death on the cross and his triumphal resurrection as he gave His life for the sins of many and conquered death. Even more than His birth, this is the pivotal day in all of history. All of history before lead up to the cross and all of history since then has been looking back to it. Love Him or hate Him, only a fool would refuse to acknowledge the impact the Lord’s incarnation had on the world. Those three days, it all changed.

For me, the change happened at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis hotel ballroom back in ’92. To be brief, before that day, my life was a huge mess with a hodgepodge of beliefs blended into a brand of Luciferianism and my personal life an even bigger mess. I was angry, arrogant, lustful, drunk, smoker, and a whole list of other things even worse. I was evil. But, at that Amway meeting (!) so long ago, everything changed. Jesus came into my life and everything about me started to transform. I am a completely different person than I was back then and am growing into something new every day. His power, love, and grace in my life has been remaking me since that fateful day.

For many years I had a Disabled American Vets sticker on my car that proclaimed, “Freedom Isn’t Free.” I know that to be true. The price Jesus paid for my freedom, for your freedom, was greater than anything that anyone else could have paid. Only Jesus could have done it. His death and resurrection is the once and done  for anyone who will trust in Him and His love and grace.

The greatest compliment I can receive is one that points to the glory of God and his redemption. Whenever I share part of my testimony with someone and they tell me that they can’t even imagine me being the person I described, that’s a huge opportunity to share the Gospel. My continuing transformation would not have been possible or, if the truth be told, even desired. Not only has He changed me but He creates the desire to change. I wasn’t looking for Him when He found me. That gives me hope for everyone and is why I won’t ever give up sharing the Gospel. I know that no one is beyond redemption.

Celebrate Easter, celebrate Him. He’s worth it.

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