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Baptisms and The Big Why

This morning at Rock Church where the Lovely Bride and I have been going while preparing to launch Freedom Church, they were having a vision and baptismal service. I’m already familiar with the simple vision of RC and have used a great deal of it as a model for FC so that part wasn’t news to me. It’s clear, simple to understand, and implemented with gusto. Today’s baptism service is the result or that vision.

As I’ve grown in Christ, I’ve found that my emotions are closer to the surface than they used to be and I am moved by things that would have never even hit my radar pre-Christ. Today’s baptisms were a prime example. More than once I found tears welling up in my eyes not of sorrow but of joy. The greatness of the celebration in Heaven mirrored by the joy in my heart expressed itself in complex and powerful emotions. Joy is obvious but it was mixed with a sense of honor, compassion, and others that I do not have the words to express. Some of them were especially moving as I know a large portion of their testimonies.

There are times when all the tasks in front of me get overwhelming. If you’ve been following this blog in the week or so since I started it then you know I’ve had a lot of major decisions facing me. It has largely been a question of priorities. Even as I take things off my plate, there’s still a mountain in front of me. It’s easy to allow it to look at it and shut down.

In all the work, busyness, and stress, it’s easy to lose sight of the reason I do this, the big why if you will. When I see how far behind everything related to building Freedom Church has become, condemnation, doubt, and discouragement are my constant companions. When I get to these times, days like today are just what I need.

Today as I watched people who have accepted the gift of grace and mercy offered through Jesus and make that confession public, I remembered why I do all this. Sometimes knowing I’m being obedient isn’t enough to keep me motivated. I need to be reminded of His purposes. Seeing these public professions of faith did a lot to restore my drive and restore my priorities. I do the work, suffer hardships, go without rest, and much more to see people transformed by the Gospel. There is nothing else that could make the sacrifices worth it.

Those tears I shed this morning affirmed in me all that the Lord has told me. His Glory is what matters. Preaching the Gospel to snatch souls from the fires of Hell and sharing the freedom that comes from following Jesus is what I must do. That’s why Freedom Church is happening and why I do work so hard. My Big Why is in front of me. I can never lose sight of it.

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